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The Importance of Financial Management By Vonna Laue

Financial Management Matters! For our programs and ministries to be successful, we need to realize financial management matters. It is nearly impossible to accomplish the mission of your organization without cash and that is why financial management matters. Sometimes we are so focused on the specific program activities and outcomes that we neglect the infrastructure…

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Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: ENVOY FINANCIAL

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: ENVOY FINANCIAL For almost three decades, Envoy Financial has specialized in the unique retirement needs of churches, missionaries, and other faith-based organizations. Envoy offers cost-effective plans for both individuals and organizations so no one in ministry is unprepared for their future. Envoy’s open architecture platform allows access to over…

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Three Financial Administration Tips by Dr. Gary G. Hoag

  Three Financial Administration Tips for Steward Leaders By Dr. Gary G. Hoag~ Back in college (which seems like a lifetime ago) I studied accounting. From there I went to seminary to get further training to use my skills to help run a ministry. In that setting few people understood financial statements and even fewer…

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