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The Power of Remembering By Scott Rodin

Remembering What Mattered Most As the year draws to an end, we have a once-a-year opportunity to look back over the previous 12 months and remember, relive, (and possibly try to forget) the events that shaped our journey that was 2022. We do this in different ways. Perhaps some of us will go to our…

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Discover If You Are a Steward Leader By R. Scott Rodin

Now There is a Way to Know And Grow as a Steward Leader Christian Leadership Alliance focuses every Wednesday on thoughtful blog posts on the life and work of the steward leader. My colleagues and I have been filling this space with our best thoughts and ideas for a good number of years now. We…

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Annual Fundraising By Tom MacAdam

Move annual fundraising beyond golf outings, galas and gift forms! Events and appeals, auctions and raffles, monthly emails and quarterly form letters are at the core of many annual fundraising efforts. But they can be an addiction, and a treadmill for your development team. Dependency So why do so many organizations, particularly local schools, ministries,…

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