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The Boastful Giver By Ron Haas

You Must Beware of the Boastful Giver Occasionally, you meet a generous giver who checks all your qualifying boxes. They have a link to your organization. They are interested in your projects. They seem to have the ability and willingness to give. They even talk about how much they love your ministry—yet they never give.…

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The Gift and Gratitude By Ryan Stillwater

There’s Power Between the Gift and Gratitude At my childhood birthday parties, my anxious fingers longed for that table of gifts. My mother, on the other hand, would usually be taking diligent notes: What was I given? Who was it from? And she always had a stack of blank thank-you cards ready for me when…

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The Gift of a Beautiful Thing By Ron Frey

  A $30,000 smile and the gift of other beautiful things. Sarah* loved to laugh, but she was self-conscious whenever she smiled. A daughter of a pastor, growing up her family didn’t have the money for braces and by the time she launched her career as a young adult, her crooked teeth had become a…

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