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Thriving with Breakthrough Innovation By Edgar Sandoval Sr.

Breakthrough Innovation is Critical As Christians, we experience the ultimate breakthrough when we surrender to Jesus. We can go only so far on our own; submitting to God’s will changes everything in our lives, opening possibilities we couldn’t previously reach. We are in a moment of unprecedented change and disruption. More than ever as leaders…

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Innovate to Great by Allen Thornburgh

Six Steps to Innovate and Drive Growth Remember Circuit City? “Where service is state of the art”? Dark, cavernous consumer electronics stores with red carpet and nearly-impossibly- knowledgeable salespeople? Ring a bell? Not if you’re under 30, because Circuit City — one of Jim Collins’ “great” companies in his bestseller Good To Great (Harper Collins,…

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The Agile Nonprofit By Jim Finwick

Discover the five things the innovative and agile nonprofit does differently. By Jim Finwick~ Nonprofits often struggle with innovation. It might be they are spending too much time incrementally improving their core offering. But as that thinking infects the organization, they lose perspective and the ability to engage in activities that produce game-changing disruptive shifts.…

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