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Unexpected Encounters By Jon Lewis

Stewarding Unexpected Encounters One of the key lessons I’ve been teaching in my Steward Leader seminars for African audiences is the importance of stewarding encounters and relationships with other people. I usually start out by highlighting what typically goes wrong in relating to others.  We either consider them as: means to our own ends, or…

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I Am Still Becoming By Alex McElroy

Becoming is a process. It is not always clear what something is becoming until it has already become. Recently, my daughter has been learning about life cycles in school. She was enthralled each day to report back the progress – the egg became larvae (caterpillar), then it entered the pupa stage (chrysalis), and finally the…

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9 Conveyances of the CCNL By Mark L. Vincent

Nine conveyances of the CCNL and what it says about you. By Mark L. Vincent~ I’ve been involved in what is now the Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) program since the late 1990’s, watching it morph and grow and become a professional credential to be taken seriously. When you see the CCNL designation behind someone’s name…

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