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Is Steward Leadership Different than Servant Leadership? By Dr. Kent R. Wilson

Although deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian heritage, the first formal application of servanthood to leadership appeared in 1970 with the writings of Robert Greenleaf. A Quaker by background, Greenleaf introduced the idea of servant leadership while a manager at AT&T. Greenleaf defined it as follows: “Who is the servant-leader? The servant-leader is the servant first. […]…

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5 Characteristics of a Steward Leader By Kent R. Wilson

Steward leaders have their roots as far back as in ancient Greece, Rome, and Israel, where stewards ran most of the commercial enterprises, estates, farms, and even political services. They were given considerable latitude and freedom to manage the business or estate with the trust and confidence of the owner. A steward leader is someone…

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