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God’s Provision for Leaders By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

  God’s Provision for Those Who Trust Him Sometimes our leadership practice looks like we are obeying the economics of supply and demand versus trusting God’s provision. We have budgets to meet, folks knocking at our office door, and there is always one more nagging email. Our time and attention become an exchange of ‘goods…

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The Meaning of Allegiance By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

A Steward’s Allegiance A steward leader’s activity must be rooted in their attention and allegiance to their owner. Our owner guides the direction of a steward’s service to others. The question of allegiance is central to the very definition of a steward because we must answer who owns us. The King and His Kingdom supersedes…

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The Unplanned Life By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Stewarding an Unplanned Life 2019 is proving to be a year of the unexpected and unplanned for me as well as for many friends I know. Quite frankly, it’s been hard, exhausting, and confounding. Perhaps you are in the same boat. The truth is when I pause and reflect on the past, every season of…

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