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4 Courageous Ways to Lead By Lee Ellis

4 Courageous Ways to Lead with Honor in 2022 Consistently leading with honor can be challenging in good times but, in difficult times it requires a courageous heart.   We’ve lived with COVID almost two years now, and it’s ironic that the “Corona Virus” brings to mind the wisdom of an old expression about a phrase…

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The Remedy for Unreachable Goals By Lee Ellis

The Remedy for Unreachable Goals: 4 Ways to Lead with Honor More unrealistic goals handed down from leadership where I didn’t have any input. So, here we go again. Accept it and figure out how to make it happen. Now I’m trapped in a corner, so I’ll have to “lie, cheat, and steal” (as the…

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Avoid the Appearance of Wrongdoing By Lee Ellis

Avoid the Appearance of Wrongdoing – A Leader’s Reminder You’re in a work or ministry situation where it’s not necessarily wrong or improper, but the appearance of your activity or decision could mistakenly be construed as a wrongdoing. What do you do? Launch forward and accept the consequences or avoid the appearance of wrongdoing altogether?…

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