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An Invitation to Community, Belonging, and Learning By Tami Heim

The Community Where a Christian Leader Like You, BELONGS! From September 1 – October 31, 2022, the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is equipping and uniting Christian leaders worldwide through an online learning community experience.  It is called the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience and the theme of this year’s experience is, “I Belong.”  If you…

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Traits of a Good Leader By Heather McCulloch

Discover the Traits of a Good Leader in Jesus I was researching traits of good leaders and I kept coming back to the ultimate leader-Jesus. There are many traits from Jesus that are still applicable to our leadership walks today. Jesus led a team of disciples but also had many people that followed Him as…

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Who You Are In Christ By Nancy Reece

By Nancy Reece The most challenging situations often lead you to learning more about who you are in Christ. That was true for me. “YOU’RE FIRED!”  Thanks to Donald Trump, these words have become a part of the American lexicon. Unfortunately, one Monday morning, I, too, heard those words drifting across the table — directed…

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