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An Invitation to Community, Belonging, and Learning By Tami Heim

The Community Where a Christian Leader Like You, BELONGS!

From September 1 – October 31, 2022, the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is equipping and uniting Christian leaders worldwide through an online learning community experience.  It is called the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience and the theme of this year’s experience is, “I Belong.”

 If you are not already part of it – you have until September 30, 2022, to join us!

The content in this learning community is a combination of recorded training sessions and live events. The good news is that we have recorded all the live events so, you will have access to all of it!  Join now and you can participate in all the live events planned for the month of October.


One of the organizations collaborating with us on content and engagement is Global Trust Partners (GTP). We give thanks to God for GTP and all God has done to make this experience possible.

GTP and CLA share a common passion to train leaders everywhere to be faithful stewards of the kingdom assignments God has entrusted to them. Besides access to the GTP diagnostic tool and outstanding training sessions, the founder, Dr. Gary G. Hoag, and Travis Shelton penned the perfect 30-day Devotional called Community. These devotions have been released daily in the learning community as part of our daily shared experience.


Today we are delighted to announce that this inspiring devotional, Community, is available to everyone now for FREE.  

Community is a 30-day reflective journey that helps us consider the place where God has put us and how we might grow together there as His people living with a common purpose.

We encourage you to let the introduction to this devotion, which is up next, serve as your special invitation to download and share it with others!


On one hand, a community is a place. It’s a geographic area where people live or a building in which they congregate. It may appear as a location for learning, a refuge for recovery, or a space for something entirely different.

In this sense, it’s a dedicated space. But dedicated for what?

We think that community, as a place, should aim to fulfill the calling of the one who created it. In this light, our Christian faith informs our understanding of community.

But we think a community is more than a place. It’s also a people. When we as like-minded stewards live, give, serve, and love like Jesus in proximity to each other, we thrive with unity in the community.

And we also exhibit a consistent characteristic. In that sense, we have a shared purpose. We think and act differently from the world around us because we want everyone to taste the goodness and generosity of living a Christian life together.

But we only discover this when we explore our shared values with each other. That’s what this devotional is all about: learning to claim a place as a people for a purpose.

Each day includes a Scripture, thoughts to consider, a prayer, and an idea for an application. On the way, we learn to care about the needs of others and contribute in ways that reflect God’s design and desire for us.

Don’t try to experience community alone. We have learned from our Lord and each other in writing this devotional together. Experience it with a trusted friend.

Enjoy the journey!

~ Dr. Gary G. Hoag and Travis Shelton


Dr. Gary G. Hoag

Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D. (New Testament – Trinity College, Bristol, UK) is a passionate
follower of Jesus Christ known widely as the Generosity Monk. He posts daily meditations at and has written or contributed to more than ten books. He speaks all over the world, bringing a biblical perspective to a wide range of topics. He provides spiritual and strategic counsel for church and nonprofit workers. He serves as a visiting professor at multiple seminaries around the world.

As President & CEO of Global Trust Partners, he helps Christian workers champion
the faithful administration and governance of God’s work globally. He is married to Jenni, and they have a grown son and daughter, Sammy (married to Emily) and Sophie (married to Peter), and one granddaughter, Evangelene.

Travis Shelton

Travis Shelton is a financial coach, speaker, writer, and host of the Meaning Over Money Podcast. He engages in conversations about work and money but through a different lens. His mission is for people to live a meaningful God-honoring life by helping them pursue work that matters, create an impact on others, and redefine the role money plays in their life.

His pursuit of this passion is built upon the 15 years he spent in the institutional commercial real estate investing industry, where he managed billion-dollar portfolios for non-U.S. investors. He strives to be a faithful steward of God’s blessings while encouraging the same in others. He is married to Sarah, and they have twin sons, Finn and Pax. His content can be found at


  • Take advantage of the time left to join the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience. If you want to learn more about what has been planned for you – View the PROGRAM HERE  then go to REGISTRATION.
  • After you join the Global Digital Experience, download to your calendar our live Faculty Meet-up with Travis Shelton, which is scheduled for Thursday, October 6!


Tami Heim has served as the President and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance since January 2012. It is her great joy to create the places and spaces where Christian leaders can convene to invest their best in each other for greater Kingdom outcomes.


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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