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Finding Gold in Manure By Alec Hill

Sometimes You Have to Dig Deep to Find Gold! People lose gold wedding rings in various locations – garbage disposals, bathroom sinks, and, yes, toilets. Suffice it to say. It is not a pleasant experience digging through refuse to find the gold. But we do so because the ring is of such great value. Similarly,…

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Confessions of a White Leader By Alec Hill

My Confession as a White Leader I’m a white boomer who has had the good fortune of leading two ethnically diverse teams. The first, as a regional director for World Relief, involved resettling 1,000 refugees a year. The second was as president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. During my 14 year tenure, staff of color increased…

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Lessons Learned By Alex McElroy

Lessons Learned: Purposeful Evaluation Oh the lessons I learned when my mom used to say, “a hard head makes a soft bottom.” For those unfamiliar with this idiom, it simply means that you can learn your lesson the easy way or the hard way. Some of us only learn the lesson once we’ve been knocked…

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