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What’s Your Kingdom Orientation By R. Scott Rodin

The Three-question Challenge Will Reveal Your Kingdom Orientation The story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness contains a stark, jarring dialogue that reveals two different kingdom orientations. We find Jesus and the Devil face to face in verbal combat! If we will consider the content of the exchange through a steward’s lens, we will find…

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Boosting Morale By Dr. Dan Nehrbass

10 Keys for Boosting Team Morale By Dr. Dan Nehrbass ~ A few years ago when I became the president of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, it was clear from the board and employees that I had a mandate to improve morale. Having positive team morale is a key to creating effective momentum in any organization. For…

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Momentum By W. Scott Brown

How can God use us to create a shift in momentum? By W. Scott Brown~ I vividly remember the game. Well into the third quarter, our undefeated high school football team trailed a powerful rival in their home stadium. The opposing team was playing well. Their raucous fans were ecstatic. We, by contrast, were stunned.…

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