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Boosting Morale By Dr. Dan Nehrbass

10 Keys for Boosting Team Morale

By Dr. Dan Nehrbass ~

A few years ago when I became the president of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, it was clear from the board and employees that I had a mandate to improve morale. Having positive team morale is a key to creating effective momentum in any organization.

For the first three months I determined to listen and learn, with the hope that the information I gathered would help explain why morale was low and, more importantly, how we could improve it.

From the concerns, complaints and discussions certain recurring themes emerged. Rather than organize our thoughts negatively by answering, “Why morale is low,” we visualized them positively by looking forward to what we could do about it.

Here are 10 keys we identified to improve morale:

Communicate Clearly

Be Transparent

Empower Others

Celebrate Success

Affirm Others

Repair Relationships

Increase Pay and Benefits

Refocus on the mission

Don’t demotivate

Choose High Morale

We have seen the benefits of this approach at Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Morale has indeed improved, creating positive organizational momentum as a result. I hope that these 10 keys boost your team’s morale and will be a blessing to your organization as well.


Dr. Dan Nehrbass is the president of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, home of the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program. This is an excerpt from his article that appeared in the 2017 spring edition of Outcomes magazine.

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