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Plan Your Personal Growth Strategy 2024 By Tami Heim

Five Ways to Ignite Your Personal Growth As you plan for your personal growth in 2024, here are some ideas to help get you started. At Christian Leadership Alliance, we exist to provide and direct you to resources and experiences that will shape your character, build your professional competencies, and expand your leadership capacity. Here…

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Develop Your Personal Leadership Skills!

It’s time to invest and develop your personal leadership skills! We have some exciting news to share with you and it will impact the development of your personal leadership! Christian Leadership Alliance is introducing a ninth core discipline that centers on Personal Leadership. This  training will be developed and added to the scope of training the…

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I Am Still Becoming By Alex McElroy

Becoming is a process. It is not always clear what something is becoming until it has already become. Recently, my daughter has been learning about life cycles in school. She was enthralled each day to report back the progress – the egg became larvae (caterpillar), then it entered the pupa stage (chrysalis), and finally the…

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