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Why Images Matter By Autumn Lunsford

 Learn why compelling images matter in your ministry communication. The impact that compelling images have on us is undeniable. We are innately visual creatures, and God has blessed us with intricate beauty all around us. The plethora of messages we receive on a daily basis—both positive and negative—are increasingly visual because research tells us that…

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Vacancy: A Cross for Everyone

Who, but the God of all imagination, could take the cross, the most barbaric tool of execution, and turn it into a symbol of hope and faith, a signature of all that is good in the world? There is a wealth of understanding to be discovered in the cross. In the historical account of Jesus’…

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The Power of Photos By Larry Johnston

I’ve got a confession to make. I love words. And language fascinates me. That won’t come as any surprise to those who know me. It was no doubt one of the reasons I was a foreign language major as an undergrad. But as someone who has been involved in fundraising for 40 years, I know…

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