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Radical Ordinance Puts Ministries at Risk By Scott Blakeman

  Attempting to Extinguish Hope: Radical Ordinance Puts Ministries at Risk Religious freedom is at risk. For the second time, government officials in Anchorage, Alaska, are attempting to prevent a Christian ministry from carrying out its mission to help vulnerable women. At the heart of the matter are laws and ordinances that elevate sexual orientation…

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Why We Call Ourselves Nonprofits By Peter A. Persuitti

By Peter A. Persuitti At this year’s BoardSource Leadership Forum (BLF) — a gathering of more than 800 non-profit trustees, directors, executives and specialized service providers — someone raised the issue of why we call ourselves nonprofit. The query brewed as a result of the number of corporate executives in the audience on hand for…

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A Story of Stewardship Optimization

 By Kent R. Wilson, PhD Jesus tells a story in Luke 13:6-9  that is as modern as it is ancient. It is a parable about an unfruitful fig tree that contains valuable information about resource management, making hard decisions, and steward leadership. An owner sees a fig tree in his orchard that has never produced…

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