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Leadership Lessons from the Book of Romans By Ed Fry

Five Leadership Lessons from the Paul’s Letter to the Romans The Book of Romans offers timeless wisdom and valuable insights for leaders across various domains. While it is primarily a theological work, its principles extend beyond religion and provide a profound guide for leadership in the modern world. Romans sheds light on how Jesus shattered…

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Give Thanks to The One Who Is Worthy By Tami Heim

Will you choose this day to give thanks and praise to God? Each morning I give thanks that God is God. I know he sees all, knows all, and is in control of all things. Regardless of what is happening around the world, I have faith and hope because I believe his promises are true.…

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God is Holy By Howard Rich

What is reminding you each day that God is holy? By Howard Rich ~ My family‚Äôs cat wakes me up just before sunrise wanting me to feed her and then take her outside on our back porch. After spending a few minutes out on the porch, I usher her back inside so I can go…

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