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A Strong Leader? By W. Scott Brown

  What does it mean to be a Strong Leader? Being a “strong leader” is deeply misunderstood in today’s world. We live in a unique historical moment in which autocratic-style leaders have risen to power in many nations. Regardless of their diverse paths to power, these leaders similarly view leadership strength as the unbridled exercise…

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Giving Thanks for Those Who Make Us Stronger

Thanks to Those Who Make Us Stronger Through Their Service Christian Leadership Alliance gives thanks for the sponsors and exhibitors of The Outcomes Conference 2018. Today kicks off the conference and we are excited about how God will move this week. This post is in honor of the ministries, organizations and businesses that dedicate their…

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How Servant Leaders Do It by Dr. Kathleen Patterson

By Dr. Kathleen Patterson ~ Servant leaders demonstrate excellence in their lives, inspire it in their followers and unleash it in organizations they serve. Here is how servant leaders do it: Begin with love. Servant leaders love others. In fact, this is the defining element of servant leaders — they lead with love. As 1…

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