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The Stories We Tell By Mark L. Vincent

What are the stories you tell? It is true that powerful stories can reveal much about you and your organization What kind of stories are you telling?. Twenty years ago, a graduate school professor pulled me aside at a Green Lake Conference Center event. Conversations were happening in a flurry as they often do between…

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Stewards of Donor Stories By Sheila Dolinger

You are stewards of donor stories so put the power of personal testimony to work for your ministry. By Sheila Dolinger ~ Once upon a time, there was a ministry with glossy brochures, frequent social media posts, and a colorful website with carefully researched facts and financials. Yet alas, the ministry did not connect with…

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Five Ways to Tell Better Stories By Maurilio Amorim

There are five ways to tell better stories. By Maurilio Amorim ~ One of the most effective ways to get noticed, be heard and rise above the noise is to tell great stories. Stories are a powerful tool in connecting to your audience and potential supporters; even Jesus understood the power of story as He…

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