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The Priority of Our Outcomes By Larry Gadbaugh

The Significance of Outcomes As leaders we are judged by our outcomes. Our strategic plans, our metrics, our annual reports, all concentrate our attention on our outcomes. As people of faith, we recognize and embrace our Lord’s measurement: “By their fruits you shall know them.” ~ Matt 7:20 This is why we lead, manage, motivate,…

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Talking Leadership and Opportunity with Dr. Roger Parrott

Outcomes Conference CEO Forum Presenter is Dr. Roger Parrott Dr. Roger Parrott is one of America’s most experienced college presidents. A third-generation college president, he was one of America’s youngest college presidents when first elected at age 34. Today, highly-ranked Belhaven University stands among select Christian colleges and universities with national influence and has been…

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5 Tips for Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life by Tom Okarma

Does your strategic plan give life to your mission? Every nonprofit agency has a strategic plan, somewhere. Maybe in a file cabinet, on a credenza, on its website, but they have one. It’s there, you just have to search it out. The problem is, you’d never know it by the way so many just keep…

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