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CLA Member Spotlight: Best Christian Workplaces Institute

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: Best Christian Workplaces Institute Trusted by over 900 ministry organizations, churches, and Christian-owned businesses since 2002, Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) helps its ministry clients create healthy, flourishing workplaces that lead to increased ministry effectiveness. As a result, a growing number of BCWI clients continue to live out the…

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What's Impact Got to Do With It?

Impact has a lot to do with you. Faith-based nonprofits have visions and missions that guide the ‘why and how’ of their desired impact. If you serve in one, then perhaps you already recognize the significance of your leadership and your personal impact when it comes to achieving the ministry’s mission. United  Christian Leadership Alliance…

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Your Story Matters By Kimberly Holmes Wiggins

Use every opportunity to share your story. We all have a story to be told. Mine changed dramatically on April 16, 2016. You see, I can never get those lights out of head, nor that one sentence: “Ma’am, we hate to inform you that your husband is deceased.” The trooper said it like I had…

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