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Steward Leader Thinking By Mark L. Vincent

The ongoing genesis of steward leadership thinking transforms us. By Mark L. Vincent ~ The 2017 Steward Summit, which focuses on steward leader thinking and principles, is behind us. This annual event was shared with several Christian Leadership Alliance friends and family as participants and presenters. In fact,  several of us serving as regular bloggers…

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Pattern Maker by R. Scott Rodin

By R. Scott Rodin – Today we explore the steward leader as pattern maker. Steward leaders must understand the significant impact they have on their organizational culture. To help us think about that impact consider the concept of fractals. Fractals are complex structures that originate in simplicity. One example is a fern, which appears to…

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Fighting The Need to Increase

By Dr. R. Scott Rodin When John the Baptist saw Jesus walking in his presence, he made the declaration, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  Most Christian leaders would say that in their hearts they would wish that Jesus would increase and they would decrease.  But it is hard to decrease in a leadership…

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