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Steward Leader Thinking By Mark L. Vincent

Christian Leadership AllianceThe ongoing genesis of steward leadership thinking transforms us.

By Mark L. Vincent ~

The 2017 Steward Summit, which focuses on steward leader thinking and principles, is behind us. This annual event was shared with several Christian Leadership Alliance friends and family as participants and presenters. In fact,  several of us serving as regular bloggers in this space, attended.

The summit, held at Phoenix Seminary, offered thoughtful insight into:

  • International and cultural challenges faced in fundraising
  • Unique aspects of womanhood as it relates to a steward identity
  • Steward leadership as seen in the parable of the talents
  • “Pipes” and “Pools,” and their relationship to water as a means to understand generosity with money (Hint: pipes provide opportunity to flow, while pools collect and stop the flow)
  • Creation care and its connection to stewardship
  • Treating one’s platform of serve as a gift from God, and accompanied with a steward’s responsibility.

Papers from the 2017 Stewardship Summit, as well as from previous years, are available at

New ground has been and is being broken by a growing number of thoughtful people, who according to Scott Rodin, have entered the journey of transformation from owners to stewards, from kingdom building to submission, from bondage to freedom and from obligations to joyful obedience (The Steward Leader, IVP, p.7).

Their work and conversation around these papers influences content that comes later to the CLA Outcomes Academy, as well as ITI and conference workshops at the Outcomes Conference. Obviously, it also influences blog posts like these. In a future blog post or two, I’ll provide some excerpts from these thought-provoking papers.

In the meantime, please know that Steward Leader thinking is not an old or exhausted subject. It is sparking fresh thoughts, original research, and ongoing life transformation.

Your connection to the Christian Leadership Alliance is one way to benefit from this ongoing genesis of steward leader thinking.



Mark L. Vincent, PhD, CCNL, is the CEO of Design Group International. He serves as a CLA Leader2Leader facilitator and is actively involved as a subject matter expert and faculty for the CLA Outcomes Academy  Online. The 4th edition of his book A Christian View of Money is slated for release in early 2017.

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