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The Blessedness of a Thriving Leader By Dr. Zenet Maramara

The Blessedness of a Thriving Christian Leader   A thriving Christian leader is a joyful, obedient steward of God who is blessed by the Lord. Psalm 112 paints a picture of a thriving follower of God. That person is blessed because she fears the Lord and finds delight in obeying God and his commands. Her…

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5 Ways to Thrive as a Christian Leader By W. Scott Brown

It’s Time for Christian Leaders to Thrive! Thriving Christian leaders are desperately needed in today’s world. That’s why “Thrive” is the theme of The Outcomes Conference 2021, June 15 to 17 in Orlando. Here are the top 5 ways you will thrive as Christian leader by coming to the conference this summer. 1. Collaborative Community…

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