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God At Work

God at Work – 2021

I pray you are witnessing God at work! We serve a God who sees, knows and promises to always be with us. At the Alliance, we experience tangible evidence of him moving, often in ways we never imagined possible.

Bless You for the Difference You’ve Made!

It is important that you know that your generous commitment to Christian Leadership Alliance influences the thinking, behavior and development of leaders worldwide. Here is how God has worked through you to make a difference in the lives of all these leaders!

  • In 2021, leaders were equipped and engaged in Alliance thought leadership 1,618,968 times .  
  • Through live and digital experiences, 85,185 leaders engaged in a  shared-experiences.  
  • And there were 1,712  Alliance leaders investing their best in others as content contributors, 

Through the Alliance, you actively equip the ones God calls to transform the lives of many.

God At Work

Because of your faithfulness, here are the ways God was at work through the Alliance this past year.

By faith, in August 2020, we decided we would hold our annual live Outcomes Conference in the Spring of 2021. Through December, registrations were trending ahead of plan and our minds and hearts were set on what God was going to do in April. Then immediately after the holiday we received one call that created another pivot! We quickly knew God was moving the entire event from April to June. (As you may remember, June was the month when everyone predicted we would arrive at herd immunity in the United States.) Moving a live event in that tiny window was a daunting task, but God directed every step!

The 45th Christian Leadership Alliance annual conference went live in June at a truly beautiful Florida venue. It could not have been a more perfect location to gather and grow in our understanding of what it means to THRIVE as Christian leaders.

Sharoon’s Story

But the greatest blessings of the entire 2021 event was our chance to meet Sharoon, from Pakistan. He attended the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience in 2020. After the close of it, Sharoon spent the entire year working to make a way to join us in Orlando for the 2021 live event. His presence was a constant reminder to us of how rich we are with resources and how few there are for Christian leaders in other countries. His presence inspired all of us!  

A Grateful Heart

Here is a glimpse of what being with us in Orlando meant to Sharoom.

Dear Tami Good Day,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hope this email finds you well and in good health. It’s my honor to know and meet you in person during CLA Gathering – Outcomes Conference 2021.By God’s grace I have arrived back home(Pakistan) safely and now united with family. I am so happy to spend this weekend with my wife and kids.

The Outcomes Conference has been a life changing experience for me , I really felt God’s presence there and I have faith He has a plan for me. I feel blessed that I am not only invited but Chosen as well (Matthew 22:14)

Above all, I am so thankful to Lord that I could attend my first CLA Conference from Pakistan. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for me. I am thankful to God that I could experience, share and explore more than what I expected.

The Outcome Conference brought new direction, thinking and light in my life and serving in Pakistan. I continue to receive His blessing and share with His people.

I pray that you and your family will be doing great. Thanks for being in contact and a source of continuous encouragement, motivation and blessings. Please continue praying for me and my serving among my community as we continue living in Muslim society and work among them for the Glory of Gospel.

God bless you and your family!



Sharoon’s Impact

Today, Sharoon is providing Christ-like leadership amidst the despair and trauma from the situation in Afghanistan. He is manning his post and earnestly responding in all the ways God is leading him.  He knows that the danger is growing, yet he is determined to be found faithful. Our community rallies in prayer for him and I continue to communicate with him every week. God is at work through in Sharoon’s life.

More Global Collaboration And Impact

The Alliance launched the second Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience. (Again because of the Community platform the Alliance board of directors specifically funded!)

On September 1, we opened the doors to leaders in 100 countries. With the added content contribution from our Global collaborators, attendees participated in 104 learning experiences, 40 live events and enjoyed on-demand access through October 31.

We give thanks to our global, US-based ministry members, the Lausanne Movement, Global Trust Partners, Generation-2-Generation Network in Central America and the Christian Institute of Management in India and Asia and live conference faculty.  It was a joy to see them bringing their best for the good of leaders worldwide!

On average, attendees engaged with 41.1% of all the training we made available. 

Content views and downloads for the event reached 41,674!

To keep the momentum going,  we created a new Global Leadership Community Hub for these leaders. It now exists on the primary Alliance community platform. We are flowing additional training experiences to them until we launch the third Outcomes Conference Global Digital event in Fall 2022!  If you are reading this today, it’s because God used you to make it so!

The Power of Technology for Good

Through generous giving in 2020, the initial launch of the Alliance community platform and the first year of software was funded. This platform powers the Alliance member community and all digital events!

We also activated a new communication (CRM) platform. This technology, once fully developed,  effectively tracks member engagement and assists in guiding every leader on a personalized leadership growth journey.

In development since summer of 2021,  we anticipate introducing the NEW Outcomes Academy Online in Spring of 2022.  This will be the home for monthly training experiences, self-paced certificate programs,  and our 10-week credentialed courses that are guided by faculty experts!

With the achievement of the funding plan through 2024,  together we will have the  ability to equip and unite hundreds of thousands of leaders each year, starting in 2025.  Based on what we have seen already, I am convinced that God will far exceed what our limited thinking deems possible.

It is a sacred stewardship to be entrusted with the development of leaders who God will use to build thriving organizations, flourishing communities, and God-fearing nations.

We give thanks to God at work.
We give thanks for your part in all of it!

With abundant gratitude,

Tami Heim

President and CEO –  Christian Leadership Alliance

C 615-476-6416

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