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Fall 2013


The theme for Fall 2013 is “Life Cycle of Ministry.”

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Leverage Point

Change your organization by building your people


Your ministry is aging. The internal culture has changed, and the external context is vastly different than what you started with twenty or even ten years ago. To adjust to these changes many start by reviewing their mission statement, which defines the organization as a whole. However, my studies and experience have led me to conclude that organizations undergoing change must address th...

Life Cycle Lessons From Acts

Perspective from Prison Fellowship Ministries

At the center of all Christian life and mission is Jesus’ command: “Follow me!” What do we witness when we obey? The lame walk, the blind see, the lost are found, the proud are humbled, and prisoners find freedom.

For Jesus’ first disciples, the command to follow had a literal component — they joined Jesus in his itinerant ministry. But after Jesus’ death, resur...

New Life Cycle Landscapes

Altered horizons for today's ministries


Start a ministry. Grow it. Grow operations. Grow giving. Start looking for successors. That’s the normal life cycle.

But today, we have to break our paradigm of what we consider a normal life cycle. The ministry landscape has changed dramatically — far more dramatically than most of us have realized.

In the future, the normal life cycle of a ministry will be ...

Organizational Transformation

Ten principles for leading and managing change

In a 2011 national research project that I led entitled “Toward Higher Ground,” entailing interviews with 60 CEOs and CDOs (chief development officers) of leading U.S. ministries, these leaders revealed that the greatest challenge they faced was leading and managing change in a wide variety of forms. When asked what was the greatest unmet need of their organizations, funding topped the list.  Funding is mentioned he...

Perpetual Reinvention

The key to HCJB's 82-years of ministry impact


Not many 82-year-olds start a new career, make a life change, or initiate an entire set of new goals. It’s generally the same with organizations. But HCJB Global is an 82-year-old ministry springing into reinvention with vigor, strategy, and laser focus on the future.

HCJB Global, an evangelical missionary organization integrating broadcast media and healthcare ministri...

Starting Well