Outcomes Magazine Archives

Summer 2018

The theme for Summer 2018 is Vision.

Spring 2018

The theme for Spring 2018 is Impact.

Winter 2017

The theme for Winter 2017 is Generosity.

Fall 2017

The theme for fall is “Strategy.” In this edition you’ll learn how leaders navigate the biblical balance of planning strategically and listening intently.

Summer 2017

This edition of Outcomes offers insights on maximizing the use of today’s technology to make transformational connections with those you’re called to serve.

Spring 2017

This edition explores the powerful kingdom “momentum” of God’s work in our world today!

Winter 2016

Accountability is vital for Christian organizations. In this edition, we explore the many ways in which Christian leaders and organizations must pursue and maintain accountability u2013 from board governance to staff performance management to risk management and more!

Fall 2016

In this edition of Outcomes we explore emerging trends rapidly changing the Christian nonprofit world.
Now, more than ever, our world needs the transformative work of Christian nonprofit organizations. We serve a creative God who has equipped us with the ability to innovate, think, take risks and boldly pursue God’s calling for our lives and our organizations. World-changing Christian leaders understand emerging trends and embrace those that align with both Scripture and their organizational missions. They recognize that innovation is a key to lasting kingdom impact.

Summer 2016

The theme of this edition of Outcomes is freedom – particularly religious liberty. As Christian leaders, our good deeds are rooted much deeper than mere philanthropic impulse. They reflect the clear teaching of Scripture, and echo the ages-long lineage of Christ-centered ministry to which we belong. That’s why it is vital to protect religious liberty. This is our moment to lead with strength and courage! God has called us for this very time, as bold and winsome witnesses of both his truth and his grace. Let us heed the encouragement of the wise leaders and frontline organizations featured in this edition, and with Joshua move forward boldly, knowing that our God is with us wherever we go.

Spring 2016

The theme of this edition of Outcomes is “Perspectives.” It offers perspectives on Christian leadership past, present and future. You will hear from some of CLA’s pioneers. You’ll benefit from time-tested reflections on Christian leadership. And you will gain insight from dedicated leaders on the front lines of love and good deeds (Heb. 10:23-24) around our world today.