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Outcomes Academy Online

Spring 2024

Outcomes Academy Online 10-week Courses Earn

CCNL Required or Elective Points

Registration Opens January 29, 2024


Registration Deadline: Mon, March 25, 2024
Courses Begin: Mon, April 1, 2024

CLA Member Enrollment Fee: $397

Before registering, you must use your member credentials to sign in to the Outcomes Academy Online Platform.

You do not need to be enrolled in the CCNL Program to register for these courses.


The Heart of the Leader | Cultivating a Spiritually Healthy Heart

Defining our "why" is not an easy task. It requires soul-searching, understanding one's core life values, and a desire for a destination that's much more than pure profit or personal success. Because we believe that successful leadership begins on the inside, this course intentionally focuses on a leader's heart motivation, our "why" first.

This course will explore critical questions every leader must answer, the differences between a spiritually healthy and an unhealthy heart, and how understanding and embracing our identity and an accurate self-awareness will make us much more effective influencers.  This course also serves as an elective for the Credential Christian Nonprofit program.

Faculty: Tami Heim, CCNL - President & CEO
Category: CCNL Elective

Last Day to Register: March 25, 2024
Module Start Date: April 01, 2024

CCNL2 | Stewardship | Faithful Care of Ministry Resources

The course is designed to provide the leader of a nonprofit organization an executive-level view of what is required for the God-honoring stewardship of finance, tax, legal, and people management and care. Attention to these foundational aspects of leading a ministry well is essential to establishing excellence and transparency.

Highly recommended for Executive directors, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and Human Resource Executives.

This is a REQUIRED course for the Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) program. 

Two sessions in Financial Management, one in Legal and Risk, and two in People Management and Care -Earn 20 points for the CCNL Program.

Faculty: Joelle Peelgren - Founder/Principal, DeGenaro Peelgren Associates
Category: CCNL

Last Day to Register: March 25, 2024
Module Start Date: April 01, 2024