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Fall 2014


The theme for Fall 2014 is “Spiritual Leadership.”

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Be Kingdom Seekers

Dr. Leighton Ford on the importance of spiritual leadership

Dr. Leighton Ford has preached the gospel worldwide as an evangelist with the Billy Graham Crusades and as chairman of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. Now, as president of Leighton Ford Ministries, he trains young leaders in their spiritual leadership, teaching them how to lead more like Jesus as they lead people to Jesus. He spoke with Laura Leonard about what spiritual leadership has ...

Billy Graham's Leadership

Humble availability to God

In a world where social media enables individuals to selectively polish and present the narratives of their lives as a sequence of successes, it is easy to forget the innumerable failures that must be buffed out of sight. Human memory is revisionist by nature, and never more so than when it comes to commemorating the lives of the greatest among us.

As we look back at the life and career of the evangelist Billy Graham, who wi...

Christian Union

Prayer, fasting and spiritual wisdom for the Ivy League

Few things are more urgently needed today than dynamic spiritual, Christian leadership in our churches, various Christian agencies and the wider culture. My own convictions on the essential elements of Christian leadership developed in my early years of ministry while working for Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) at Princeton University in the early 1990s. I noticed two things that profoundly shaped God&rsquo...

Do You Lead With Joy?

Facing the truth as leaders

“If ‘the joy of the Lord is your presence,’then please inform your face!”

Ellie Lofaro’s words resonated deeply with me as I listened to her keynote speech at the 2013 Christian Leadership Alliance national conference. It raises a question for me and for you: Do we lead with joy?

Leadership is hard work. Long hours, disappointing results, difficult decisions and unseen obstacles are ...

Healthy Spiritual Leadership

Looking beneath the tiles

What went wrong? What did I miss?” These questions hit me like a slap to the face. I had discovered that a ministry leader I supervised and coached was involved in an affair, numerous sexual exploits and drugs. His moral failure caused me to question our leader development efforts.

Was there a flaw in our selection process? Was there something inherent in our organizational culture that made leaders more susceptible to ...

Leadership Insights

Francis Chan shares his heart for today's leaders

In April 2014, Pastor Francis Chan addressed Christian leaders assembled for the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) national conference in Dallas (CLA Dallas 2014).

Prior to going on stage to address attendees, Francis Chan sat down with CLA President and CEO Tami Heim for a CLA Talk video interview. This interview has also aired on the new CLATV ( We’re sharing an excerpt of thei...


Three key truths for spiritual leaders

the summer following third grade, I was invited to go to a two-week camp. The promise of tennis lessons, games, Bible studies, campfires and s’mores sounded wonderful. The “cost” for camp was memorizing 300 Bible verses by school year’s end. I completed the assignment! When it was time to leave for camp, I suddenly recalled that I had never been away from home and that no one else in my class was goi...

Rest for the Soul

You can't lead well without it.

“As the leadership goes, so goes the organization. And, more importantly, as the soul of the leader goes, so goes the leader.” This has been the mantra at Leadership Transformations since the day we opened our doors in July 2003.

Churches and Christian ministries are filled with leadership teams that spend nearly 100 percent of their time talking about everything but the care of the soul. It’s far ...

Rooted in Christ

The secret of lasting fruit

I love the verdant scene painted in Psalm 1:1-3. It portrays a vibrant, fruitful tree with leaves that don’t wither amidst heat or drought. The scene is especially poignant when one considers the arid desert-like landscape of Israel. Just imagine the wonder of seeing that flourishing fruit tree in the midst of such dryness.

The prophet Jeremiah similarly captured the importance of being rooted deeply in God: &ldqu...

Spiritual Formation

Leading from the inside -- out

In his classic book Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth (HarperSanFrancisco, 3rd edition, 2002), author Richard J. Foster describes three categories of spiritual disciplines that influence our growth in Christlike character:

• Inward: meditation, prayer, fasting and Bible study

• Outward: simplicity, solitude, submission and service