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Spring 2012


The theme for Summer 2012 is “The Heart of Leadership.”

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Give Priority to Prayer

Lead by following God daily.

Being a leader is hard work. Being a leader who would attempt to lead without intentional, consistent, and persistent acknowledgment of God is dangerous. Sure, we can get by on the false security of our perceived strength and ability, manufactured charisma, or residual wisdom and experience. We probably have all been able to accomplish some good things and gain some satisfactio...

Guard Your Heart

Protect the wellspring of our leadership

"I Have been fired,” my friend said.

"Why?” I asked.

Sam* did not know. The day before, Sam had been offered the "opportunity” to resign with some severance or to be fired with nothing. He was given a little over an hour to decide. He spoke to his wife and since they were convinced that he had done nothing wrong, they...

It's Our Watch

First Person

It's Our Watch!

We're called to develop future leaders.

I was puzzled. I was sitting in a room with a group of seasoned leaders; all of them had agreed that develo...

John Stott

Lifelong pastor, leader, and friend

What made John Stott an outstanding leader? Writing on the subject of Christian leadership in 1984, he focused on one quality: being dissatisfied. Effective leaders are dissatisfied with what is, and strive always for what could be. John Stott remained dissatisfied in this way all his life, as is clear from his final book,

Kill the Conflict Virus

Healing through peacemaking in your ministry.

Disregarding Jesus’ instructions on peacemaking in Matthew 18:15-17 means death to a Christian nonprofit organization. It’s like unleashing the Ebola virus. It’s hard to kill, easy to catch, and it leads to a slow death. Here’s how the infection spreads:

Jesse stomps into your office and unloads, complaining about Bob’s ...

Leading from the Heart

The key to increasing leadership effectiveness.

A few times in your career you see that moment of truth coming — you feel the work of a decade is about to pass in front of your eyes.

That’s the way it was last September, when I introduced the head of our capital campaign advisory firm to our board. What do the Bowery Mission’s 31 top donor families really think of us?


Leading Through Transition

Buiding your team through seasons of change.


"It is a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead — and find no one there.”

Franklin Roosevelt

Change is a constant in our society; experts say this time period will be known as the age of acceleration. Eve...

Nonprofit Accountability

An interview with Michael Batts of the Commission on Accountability for Religious Organizations


Nonprofits and churches are more in the spotlight on Capitol Hill now than at any time in many years. This focus is primarily due to a three-year investigation by Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) of six nonprofit ministries organized as churches.

The Senator closed his investigation in January 201...

Rescuing Treasurers

Dedicated Christian leaders share their hearts

Spouses Edgar and Gladys Guitz have a contagious passion for Christ. They lead The Potters House Association where Edgar serves as director and Gladys as associate director.

In the heart of Guatemala City, Guatemala, is the largest dump in Latin America. More than 11,000 people live and work in and near the dump, including some 6,500 children. Potte...

The Mentoring Tree

A Leadership Parable

A veteran missionary once described "banyan tree leadership.” Too many leaders, he said, are like the spreading Indian banyan tree, so thick it does not let the sun through to nourish the seedlings underneath. Senior leaders can take up so much space and o...