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Spring 2012


The theme for Summer 2012 is “The Heart of Leadership.”

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The Mentoring Tree

A Leadership Parable

A veteran missionary once described "banyan tree leadership.” Too many leaders, he said, are like the spreading Indian banyan tree, so thick it does not let the sun through to nourish the seedlings underneath. Senior leaders can take up so much space and o...

Two Leadership Paths

Choosing the way of Herod or the way of Jesus.


The insight filled me with hope and fear at the same time. I was preparing a message on leadership from Mark 6:1-32 when it dawned on me that I have only two options before me every day as a Christian leader: to lead the way of Jesus or to lead the way of Herod. My hope grew as I grasped that my union with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit compels me to lead...

A Leadership Journey

Talking Leadership

A Leadership Journey

CLA's new president and CEO Tami Heim shares insights on the heart of leadership.

Outcomes editor-in-chief W. Scott Brown recently interviewed Tami Heim, the newly named president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA).

Heim brings a weal...

Your Greatest Asset

CLA, APOU build resources to help ministries in HR.

As organizational leaders, we sometimes tout that "people are our greatest asset.” Given the shrinking financial assets many organizations have faced in recent economic times, perhaps that mantra carries more truth than ever before. It is an expression of our recognition as leaders that whatever we will accomplish will get done through the coordinated efforts...

Are You Too Busy?

Learn how one executive got her balance back.

As a young mom, I found myself filling my days with a variety of things I was convinced I had to do for God! I even went as far as adopting a "Calvin and Hobbes” cartoon quote that I posted proudly on my fridge: "I was put on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.” Not surp...

Book Discussion: Becoming a Steward Leader

Essential Insights from Stewardship Thought Leaders and Practitioners


Fundamentally change the way you think, lead, and live.


In April 2012, Christian Leadership Alliance will release the second book in its Nonprofit Leadership in a For-Profit World series, entitled Becoming a Stewar...

Build a Strategic People Agenda

Be a steward of what is most precious to God.

Not long ago, a gifted and humble brother in Christ, who serves faithfully in a high-level leadership position in a widely-recognized ministry, confessed to one of us at Strengthening Leaders that, "there is nothing about the way the president of our ministry leads us that makes me want to follow Christ.” What an indictment!

As leaders, we...

Examination and Accountability

They key to your leadership legacy.

The commitment to live an examined life should reside at the center of Christian leadership. Scripture is replete with affirmations of this fact. And today’s world is hungry to believe that men and women of faith, called to leadership responsibilities, thoughtfully and intentionally back-stop their leadership journey with in...

Give Priority to Prayer

Lead by following God daily.

Being a leader is hard work. Being a leader who would attempt to lead without intentional, consistent, and persistent acknowledgment of God is dangerous. Sure, we can get by on the false security of our perceived strength and ability, manufactured charisma, or residual wisdom and experience. We probably have all been able to accomplish some good things and gain some satisfactio...

Guard Your Heart

Protect the wellspring of our leadership

"I Have been fired,” my friend said.

"Why?” I asked.

Sam* did not know. The day before, Sam had been offered the "opportunity” to resign with some severance or to be fired with nothing. He was given a little over an hour to decide. He spoke to his wife and since they were convinced that he had done nothing wrong, they...