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Spring 2014


The theme for Spring 2014 is “Kingdom Outcomes.”

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What Song Is Your Life Streaming?

How to maintain a healthy tempo

How would those closest to you — your spouse, a close friend, or a team member — describe the melody of your life? Would they suggest a light-hearted Bach fugue or a dramatic Beethoven symphony? How would they characterize the tempo and the dynamics of your life?

 “He was busy.”

“She made things happen.”


A Perfect Match

Leading and measuring belong together!

I totally understand that the degree of change and the pace of change will be different for every person and organization. That is not my concern. What I am concerned about is, for the most part, leaders of faith-based nonprofits are under the illusion that they are making progress when every indicator around them says they are not. Simply put, the solutions nonprofits — even faith-based nonprofits — are trying ...

Catalytic Board Change

It's the key to better ministry outcomes

Boards can be frustrating. That fact led me to do my doctoral research on the legal and biblical duties of a parachurch governing board, to see if we could find ways to spark our boards toward greater engagement and true accomplishment. I can teach the theoretical but I’m very focused on producing practical, effective outcomes. That’s why I’m leading a two-day class on the topic of catalytic board ch...

CEOs and Fundraising

Yes, it is your job!

It was my initial interview with the relatively new CEO of a highly respected nonprofit organization. The discussion was going well. Then he asked the question: “What’s your perspective on the president’s role in fundraising?”

I thought about the “politic” answer, but, throwing caution to the wind, I told him the truth: “You are the chief fundraising officer of this organization.” He...

Changing Leaders

A healthy culture starts with you.

Does it haunt you to watch some leaders conducting “dangerous business” with their organizations? It haunts me.

Then, I reflect on our Truefaced team, which works every day to help leaders and their organizations grow in love, trust, and change, and I’m haunted even more. From time to time, we have conducted some of our own “dangerous business.” We all struggle to become the kind of lead...

Embracing Innovation

Change your ministry's culture

“I’ve tried a dozen times,” one CEO told me, as he struggled to increase the pace of innovation at his company. If you’re like him, shifting demographics and the Information Age foster a change-laden atmosphere, while your organization remains static.


Culture matters

Most of our organizational adjustments are simply strategic. We see impact growing...

For the Common Good

Stanley Carlson-Thies on protecting good works rooted in religious conviction

Stanley Carlson-Thies, founder and president of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance (IRFA), has his finger on the pulse of public policy issues impacting Christian nonprofit ministries like those comprising CLA. His non-partisan Washington, D.C.-based organization works “to safeguard the religious identity and faith-shaped standards and services of faith-based o...

Just Imagine

Looking back on God's unique plan

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20)


Recently I was visiting with an elderly friend in his small,  assisted living apartment. We had spent more than six years work...

Kingdom Metrics

Measuring ministry outcomes

When Bridgette’s sponsors received an updated photo of her from El Salvador, they were concerned. Bridgette’s picture was sullen and serious. This wasn’t the same little girl whose winsome smile and hands-on-the-hips confidence had won their hearts in her original sponsorship picture.

They contacted Compassion. Were bad things happening to Bridgette? Could Compassion’s staff investigate? After all, the whole idea of ...


Defining your mission, vision, and values

When we meet with people to discuss strengthening their Human Resource (HR) practices, we often use the term “kingdom-minded organization.” More often than not, they are intrigued as to precisely how we define such a considerably broad scope or approach. Certainly, many Christian business people, pastors, and consultants have their own ideas as to what constitutes a kingdom-minded organization.

My ...