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Spring 2015


The theme for Spring 2015 is “Time.”

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Global Mission

Is it still an urgent task?

“Time” is a popular topic within the Lausanne Movement. Celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2014 sparked many conversations and reflections about time and purpose. Our leadership spent the past year thanking God for his steadfast love and seeking his wisdom to lead the Movement in the future. Out of this reflection, some principles on leadership have emerged which are (not surprisingly) simple, yet profoundly powerful.

Know Me and Be Relevant

Taking time to communicate well

I got a great Christmas gift from my wife this year — the latest book from John Ortberg titled Soul Keeping (Zondervan, 2014). It has significantly challenged me to rethink how I spend my time. Not what I spend my time doing, but how I spend the time that I have. One of my favorite quotes from the book comes from an interaction that John had with the late Dallas Willard. Dallas said, “Hurry is the great enemy of spirit...

Living Water

Quenching the universal thirst for Christ

A common thread has been woven through my life. It is the power of the Word of God.
I experienced the power of God’s Word from the time I grew up in church through the time of my coming to saving knowledge of Christ as a college student. It buoyed me from caring for the hearing impaired as an audiologist to caring for my family as a wife and mother. And Scripture has been central to my journey from serving ...

Mentoring Matters

A mentoring expert shares insights

Why Does mentoring matter? Katy Dickinson, founder and principal of Katy Dickinson Consulting, says mentoring programs transform not only the individuals involved but also the company itself. Over the years she has developed mentoring programs at organizations around the globe, including Sun Microsystems. She has also spearheaded the TechWomen mentoring initiative at the U.S. Department of State and she serves as an accredited ...

Navigating Today's Currents

An Issachar moment for ministry leaders

Challenging times become perilous times if leaders lack wisdom. However, rightly armed with insight and godly discernment, believers can skillfully navigate the choppiest of waters.
Around 3,000 years ago, choppy waters greeted the ancient Israelites. Their first king, Saul, along with his two sons, had suffered a fatal wound in battle with the Philistines. The people immediately anointed David as their new king at...

Power of Perspective

With God it is possible!

It was a mild september afternoon, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. I stood on the field of the spacious Olympic stadium, hands on my hips, and surveyed the obstacle in front of me. The high jump crossbar had been set at nearly seven feet. My first attempt had failed. I had two more chances.
Becoming an Olympic decathlete isn’t easy. Sixteen years of training to become competitive in 10 separate track and field events requires ...

Power Source

Waiting on the wind of God

The sails are prepared for action. The marine batteries are fully charged. The drinking water tank is full. The weather has been checked to ensure there are no pending storms. The gas tank is topped off. The boat’s food pantry is fully stocked. It is time to experience the wide open waters. However, there is one remaining crucial variable needed to sail ... the wind! Nothing happens without it.
Most sailors have experienc...

Spiritual Transformation

The role of the ministry workplace

Maybe you have heard a colleague say something like:  “This isn’t the place for my spiritual growth; that’s for my church life.” While I understand this argument, I believe it is shortsighted. The ministry workplace also has a role in spiritual development.
We are called to be Christ-centered communities. Any other approach misses the mark of God’s calling on our lives as Christians (E...

Strengths-Based Leadership

A Christian Perspective

in the waning days of 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported at length on that perennial issue — leadership. The focus was not on the latest book or theory of that elusive, yet indispensable quality or characteristic. It was instead a particular application of a well-settled leadership model: “Strengths-Based Leadership.”
Mark Zuckerberg, the globe’s youngest billionaire (by far), doesn’t cot...

The Homestretch

God's Word in every language

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”
 (Matt. 28:19-20a)

“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne a...