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Spring 2017


The theme for Spring 2017 is “Momentum.”

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God-First Momentum

Five principles from the Book of Acts

In the world of science, momentum is generally described as the "force or speed of movement, or the impetus gained by a moving object." This would be calculated by scholars as the product of mass and velocity, or simply the impact of size and speed. In Christian ministry leadership, we would add another constant to the equation: God!

As leaders, we know that we and our ministries are unique and purposed to be integral ...

Global Momentum

Empowering others through God's grace

When her husband passed away, Jane, a citizen of Kenya, was left with five children to raise - ranging from 8 to 16 years of age - with one more on the way. Like so many other single and marginalized mothers in the region, financial pressures began to mount and she found herself struggling to provide the survival basics for her family. In a moment of absolute desperation, she made the heartbreaking decision of selling herself as...

Multigenerational Teams

Turn your frustration into momentum.

"Nobody wants that!" These words expressed the sentiment of just about every organizational leader at the end of our annual international convention. Senior leaders left frustrated and exhausted. Younger workers felt devalued and overlooked. I was annoyedu2026 angryu2026hurtu2026 numb. Did I cause this? How could I have worked against the very ministry I passionately toiled to advance? I replayed their painful words of misunderst...

Power of a Prayer Culture

The path to immeasurable momentum

If you want to ingrain one transformational habit into your company's culture, may I suggest that none is more important than prayer.

Let's be clear: There is no power in a prayer culture itself. The power is in Jesus. But prayer is the conduit, the beautiful collision where eternal Creator connects to finite humans.

Prayer is the currency of heaven. Anything heavenly about an organization runs through prayer. Th...

Equipping Emerging Leaders

Cru's Senior Leader Initiative

In January 2004, we sat quietly, sobered by reality. Current U.S. leaders in Cru, in their mid to late 50s, had no obvious successors or succession plans. Leaders with potential to qualify didn't have the organizational leadership experience to lead nationally. They had no ministry or leadership experience outside of their local ministry, and no ways to test their experience and assumptions in a wider context.

This realizatio...

Football and Fundraising

The impact of game-changing momentum

Football is a momentum-driven game. In the NFL, momentum often doesn't start to impactteams until late in the season. But when it does hit, it can carry a team to a championship.

In this past season, my own hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks, was decimated in Week 12 by a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that had lost as many games as it had won. But in Week 13, the Seahawks went on to rout the reigning NFC Champions, the Car...

Managing Employees to Success

Making your mission, vision and values a reality

I have been honored to work for many impactful companies and widely known brands in corporate America. God has given me those experiences, coupled with education at some of the best higher education institutions in the U.S.

What works well in high-performing organizations - such brands as Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Snapple - also works well in smaller Christian-owned for-profit companies, nonprofits, ministri...

Building Momentum Through Social Media

Tips for making it a reality in your ministry

It's safe to say that social media isn't just a "here today, gone tomorrow" trend. Just look at some of today's mind-blowing statistics:

- Facebook now has 1.7 billion active users globally
- One-third of the earth's population is on social media
- YouTube reaches an audience of more than 1 billion
- Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts

From the Front Lines

Samaritan's Purse offers hope to refugees.

Of Mahmod's 37 extended family members, 23 of them - including his wife and six of his seven children - are still being held by ISIS. He was able to buy one of them back for $35,000, but he didn't have enough money to purchase any others. His eyes drift downward as he tells how his 12-year-old daughter was given to an ISIS fighter. The heartbroken father is one of more than a million people forced to flee for their liv...

Making All Things New

Attaining authentic biblical momentum

Amid a sea of refugees in a dark, hopeless camp, Omar a Sunni met Layla, an Alawite woman. If you follow the conflict in Syria, you know this should not work. Yet, in their pain, desperation and utter lostness, they stuck together. Against all odds and among the homeless, they found a home. They found Jesus, the God of true and lasting peace, the One who restores broken lives and relationships. They love Jesus and their new fami...