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Summer 2013


The theme for Summer 2013 is “Equipping Leaders.”

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Performance Management

Valuing outcomes, performance, transparency and accountability

Outcomes matter. In past decades, many organizations were more focused on organizational culture and inputs rather than outcomes. These days, however, more and more organizations are focusing on outcomes, performance, transparency and accountability.

To provide an introductory overview, inputs are resources we add to our organizations. The most common resource inputs are human and financial. Th...

Equipping Leaders

Joni and Friends’ Billy Burnett on creating a lifelong learning culture

CLA President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Billy Burnett, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Joni and Friends.

Burnett has contributed significantly to both the financial success and workplace environment of Joni and Friends. His leadership helped to result in Joni and Friends being ranked as the number one “Best Christian Workplace” in organization...

Extraordinary Leadership

A step-by-step guide to getting there

As ministry leaders we strive each day to inspire our teams to catch a compelling vision, engage deeply, and drive the results necessary for success. We pray in earnest that we are able to deliver the impact God intended. But to achieve truly breakthrough results, we must embrace a culture that settles for nothing less than “extraordinary leadership.”

By definition, extraordinary leaders are remarkable...

God-Honoring Teamwork

Build a healthy ministry leadership culture

In our rapidly changing world the days of the heroic, lone-ranger CEO are over. Today, teamwork is the byword in executive leadership. It’s a necessity for any ministry serious about advancing the kingdom.

A few years ago, we at Strengthening Leaders, spoke with the board vice chairman of a well-known international ministry as he was revisiting the organization’s headquarters. He, and every staff...

Leading Generation Y

Lessons I've learned along the way

Several weeks ago, I watched our young staff at Growing Leaders — the nonprofit organization I help lead — host a large event for educators. It was rewarding to see them embody our core values, serving with excellence. I smiled inside as I reflected on learning to lead them and modeling the way. It’s been one of my great joys to invest in the college interns and twenty-somethings on our team. It has also been one of my mos...

Leading in Digital Babylon

Living faithfully in a new digitally-rich world


Our team at Barna continues to explore today’s generation of younger Christians, the vitality of churches and nonprofits, and the tsunami of cultural change happening around us. I am convinced that we are facing an era of ministry that might be described as digital Babylon: an immersive, reality-redefining experience driven by ubiquitous access to interconnected screens and unprecedented volume of content.

Measuring for Change

How HR metrics can transform your ministry

Early in his ministry, faced with increased questioning by religious leaders, Jesus tells a parable that likely resonated with some workers of his day: “No one tears a piece out of a new garment to patch an old one. Otherwise, they will have torn the new garment, and the patch from the new will not match the old. And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins; the wi...

Mentoring: The secret to unleashing the talent on your team


Mentoring can be effective in any work context. It can be done across distance; with all generations, genders, and global cultures; and with all skill levels. Mentoring literally creates an exponential knowledge expansion and limitless skill development opportunities, expanding your ministry and God’s reach in critical ways.


The Benefits of Mentoring

In a successful mentoring program, it is important for every...

Performance Management

A better way to grow and develop people

My journey in growing employees took a sudden turn just over 10 years ago. I was part of an aggressive business that was pulling together multiple businesses in the same industry, all in the name of “growth.” One of the companies we pursued turned the tables, and we found ourselves being acquired. I was shocked and had no idea what was in store. However, the Lord knew this was to be one of the best things to ev...

Retain Your Rising Stars

Three keys to creating a sticky organization


I’m often asked by top executives about our leadership succession plans, talent development models, and how we attract and develop new leadership. Together, we strategize on competencies, qualities, and the calling of those whom we identify as emerging leaders.

These steps are important, and I would be the last to say there’s no need for systems to assure both leadership stabil...