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Winter 2012

The theme for Winter 2012 is “Emerging Trends.”

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Measuring Outcomes

Evaluation is the key to excellence

To better monitor and create clearer metrics for its mission, American Bible Society in 2006 launched a pioneering research group called Global Scripture Impact. This team of international and domestic researchers - all with ministry experience - evaluate and report on American Bible Society partnership projects around the world. Knowing which initiatives are the most effective - and how to improve less-effective work - helps Amer...

Digital Philanthropy

Emerging trends in giving.

The number of words written since God first placed Adam on earth through 2003 is now re-created every two days. Yes, you read that correctly: every two days.

Today, technology advances provide Christian nonprofits with unprecedented ways to advocate for the causes God has given them. One such advance is in digital philanthropy. Given the integrati...

Facing the Future

Dr. Jerry White is a busy man: In addition to his role as president emeritus and chairman emeritus of the U.S. board of directors of The Navigators; his 37-year active and reserve duty with the Air force; and his 11 years of service on the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) board of directors — six of which he spent as board chairman — White is also chair of CLA’s brand-new Advisory Council, which will advise CLA as it develops curriculum. Oh, and that’s not to men...

Generation iY

Equipping the future leaders of Christian nonprofits

I just got off the phone with a business friend. He and I chuckled over an interview he’d just conducted with a recent college graduate. The candidate was a bright and overconfident female who told him in the midst of their conversation: "I’m going to have your job in 18 months.”

Needless to say, my friend passed on hiring her. What she lacked in self-aw...

Integrity of Heart

Skill is important, but hearts guide hands.

While far from perfect, King David is one of the first ones we think of when the discussion turns to integrity. Asaph, the royal court composer, said David shepherded them with "the integrity of his heart and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands”(Psalm 78:72, KVJ).

David led Israel with "skillful hands.” Yes, he could cast a vision with the ...

Life's Storeroom

She opened each box and carefully ran her fingers and eyes over the items inside while her heart recalled memories of her daughter, taken too soon by cancer. Unable to face the task before, she had stored her daughter’s things away for seven years in the warehouse of a church member. Finally, at 84 years old and no longer able to afford the modest storage cost, she and a friend were — at last — going through her daughter’s possessions to arrange their donation to a ...

Measuring Outcomes

Demonstrating the difference ministries make.