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Weekend Words of Wisdom #5

The Value of Self-awareness

Leading people is complex, invigorating, and unusually humbling. For this reason, it is vital that a leader clearly understands his or her strengths, as well as areas for improvement. Here are five questions I have found especially helpful in my own developmental journey:

  • Am I truly committed to lifelong learning?
  • Do I regularly seek honest feedback from those around me?
  • Am I aware of how my attitudes and behaviors affect others?
  • Do I insist on regular, formal evaluations of my performance?
  • Do I have an ongoing relationship with a ‘Truth Coach’ or mentor?

The answers to those question can be both wonderfully affirming and horribly deflating.

When you accept the mantle of leadership, you must accept the kind of truth that allows the Holy Spirit to transform your motives and behaviors.

Who have you asked to speak the truth about you, to you?

Mark Holbrook, President/CEO, Evangelical Christian Credit Union

excerpt from

Nonprofit Leadership in a For-Profit World: Essential Insights from 15 Christian Executives



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