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Weekend Words of Wisdom #11

 Embrace the High Calling

If you are a leader serious about making a difference in your role, I suggest you consider the why of the responsibility assigned to you. As a believer, you are gifted with a task that is too noble to describe merely as a profession. You are in a place to serve the purpose of God.

You are an influence not only for the good of your organization or firm; God has called you to participate in the renewal of your country.

Leaders in the grip of faith, who understand that they possess a sacred trust, are a powerful societal force. They should clearly understand who they are and the high value in what they do. They are not deterred in spite of subtle or blatant efforts to push the presence and voice of Christian beliefs to the margins of culture.

Three principles anchor me:

  1. I want my life to honor God; therefore, I must be a man of faith.
  2. No matter what I do or where I arrive, life is never just about me.
  3. I do what I do for an outcome that is larger than I could ever imagine.

How are you staying focused on your high calling?


Israel L. Gaither, retired National Cammander, The Salvation Army – An excerpt from

Nonprofit Leadership in a For-Profit World: Essential Insights from 15 Christian Executives


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