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Jenni Catron: Thoughts on Authentic Leadership


Learning from a Life Well Lived

Last year I had the honor of serving for a day with Missionaries of Charity, the organization that Mother Teresa founded in Kolkata, India.  While I expected that day to reconnect my heart with the privilege of serving the fallen and forgotten of our world, I was not prepared for the lessons I would learn from Mother Teresa’s life as a leader.

Authentic leaders don’t seek a spotlight.

They are not looking for a place to shine.

They are giving and serving in the place where God has called them, content with whatever significance that brings.

As I marveled at the legacy that this dear woman left behind, I was struck by the significance of her faith and obedience as a leader.  Faith that was audacious and obedience that was so selfless.

Mother Teresa represented truly authentic leadership.


Jenni Catron is the Executive Director, Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN and her thoughts today were take from Outcomes Magazine, Spring 2013.

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