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Thoughts on Authentic Leadership By Liz Selzer

Clarity of Purpose

An authentic leader has clarity of God’s purposes and how they as leaders were lovingly and expectantly created to passionately join God in his vision for bringing hope to a hurting world.

They see the beauty of gifting in others and work patiently and tirelessly to help people step boldly onto the path God has dreamed for them to walk with him.

They see mistakes as learning opportunities and occasions for God’s redemptive work.

They understand the shadow side of their unique leadership gifts and stay firmly connected to God, so this can be revealed when it creeps into life situations.

They are wise, patient, and good listeners.

They know they have nothing to prove and are comfortable learning from those around them.


Dr. Liz Selzer is the President and CEO of the Mentor Leadership Team. Her thoughts shared here were taken from Outcomes Magazine, Spring 2013. 


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