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The Journey to Becoming By Benn Lee

Ben Lee is principal at Olympia Elementary School in Danvers, IL, and leads the Christian Education Team at North Danvers Mennonite Church, where he previously served as the community-based youth minister. Below are his reflections from the Biblical Foundations of Leadership module via the Christian Leadership Alliance Online Academy. Participants reviewed Scott Rodin’s outline of the journey to become a Steward Leader in the book Becoming a Steward Leader, then reflected on where they are in their development.

I am not God. I need God. I want God. I show God.

My first requirement in becoming a steward leader is to realize that I am not God. Understanding this simple truth helps me disassociate myself from the ‘owner’ mentality. I am part of something special, something much more significant than myself. I am part of a divine design set in motion before time and am called to love the Creator of that plan. I am not God.

Next is realizing that I need God. Purposefulness being my intent, it becomes apparent my desires, attitudes, and efforts are meaningless without a Savior. Because I am not God, I cannot save myself. I need God.

Then, I reach the point where I want God. Seeking God consumes me. Like a giddy psalmist joyfully describing the yearning to be in His presence, I recognize there is no better company to keep than the Spirit of the Lord. The time I spent with God compounds, as does my love for Him. I want God.

Finally, in a genuine pursuit of steward leadership, I show God. I don’t even belong to myself. I am a temple of the Lord’s, a reflection of unconditional love. I am mature in my intimacy with God, myself, my neighbor, and my creation. Bearing fruit in these areas becomes second nature, a benefit of a Spirit-filled life. This is the most challenging aspect of the journey to maintain. It can constantly be improved. Thus, it is never fully accomplished. It is a place I visit but where I don’t live.

That is my humble (and compared to what is already written—feeble) approach to summarizing the journey to becoming a steward leader. Each statement demonstrates additional maturity and accountability, yet all intertwine into a synergistic, steward-filled blueprint.

Where am I on this journey?

It’s hard to say. I have determined this journey is more fluid and less defined. If nothing else, after reading Scott Rodin, viewing the presentation, and wrestling with this topic, I am at least more intentional about using everything in my life. My pursuit of becoming a steward leader affects every angle of my life—in a positive way. It has become a self-audit of my heart, mind, and actions. I’ve also noticed that sometimes, I want to be a follower. I like to be given direction, shown where to go, and be a passive participant with less “doing” and more “being.” Then again, I am a follower because I am not God. I need Him. I want Him.



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