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How Do You Invest in Your Leadership Development?

Christian Leadership Alliance: CCNL Program

In today’s rapidly changing world, Christian ministries need leaders who have proven expertise and certified excellence in their professional fields. But with so many options, how do you invest in your leadership development?

Here is one way. Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) offers nonprofit leaders the Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) program. This learning experience is  designed to infuse biblical principles into the professional standards of Christian ministry leadership.

A CCNL credential denotes individuals who have been trained across a range of professional practice areas in Christian nonprofit leadership. These areas include: executive leadership, board governance, finance, tax & legal, people management, resource development, marketing & communications, and Internet & technology.

CCNL graduates know how all the pieces fit together when it comes to leading a nonprofit ministry and why each one is essential in the pursuit of Kingdom outcomes.

CCNL  – A Leadership Distinctive

Billy Burnett, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Joni and Friends.shares how the CCNL program has transformed his personal leadership:

Here’s what the CCNL progam did for me, and for anyone serious about lifelong learning. I call them the four C’s: capacity, confirmation, connection, and convenience. I’m intentional about finding themes like that; it’s my industrial engineering background coming through.


It increased my capacity to lead. It’s not enough to be compassionate and desire to be a good leader. Being equipped to lead effectively is critical. That requires practical tools. Through CLA I build capacity. One of the most powerful and impacting courses I have taken, in any educational platform, is Dr. Randal Dick’s CLA Online Academy module on governance. I use it every day. It taught about aligning mission, vision, and values with what you’re doing. That is critical for good leadership.


The next is confirmation. CLA classes have confirmed for me that Joni and Friends is utilizing best practices in leading across generations, in engaging donors, and in teaching our staff at each stage of their leadership.


And then there’s connection. Through CLA I’ve developed a lifelong network of friendships with other learners. I’ve been able to help friends gained through CCNL. I’ve gone back to my office, and shared processes we’ve learned, in order to assist them. That’s what we should be doing. That networking has helped us.


And then, finally there is convenience. We live busy lives as leaders. For me the convenience of the CLA Online Academy offered was awesome. I was able to have a busy life, yet complete courses to reach my credential. At CLA we’re providing great ways for people to learn to lead for today and tomorrow.

Who is eligible?

Any applicant with five years or more of  for profit or nonprofit leadership experience is welcome to enroll. If an applicant has less than five years, admittance will be evaluated based on the following criteria by the CCNL coordinator:

  • Actual years of leadership experience
  • Academic accomplishment and degrees
  • Board service
  • Volunteer expereince
  • Mission service

The CCNL coordinator qualifies individuals for enrollment and ensures each participant receives personal guidance on planning his or her coursework schedule. Everyone enrolled in the CCNL program must successfully  earn 100 program points, 60 of them via required coursework.

Two paths for earning CCNL points

1. CLA Online Academy

CLA Online Academy is powered by Azusa Pacific University College, and this year it is being sponsored by ECFA. The online experience offers an innovative new way to build  leadership skills right from your own office or home! Each online module is comprised of 10 hours of in-depth study. The CLA Online Academy runs on a quarterly basis. In fact, registration for the Fall quarter closes on September 2, 2014 and the sessions begin on the following  Monday.

2. The Outcomes Conference

The key distinctive at The Outcomes Conference is the outcomes-oriented higher thinking CLA provides on the most critical issues facing Christian leaders today. Those registering for the Academy Experience may choose from  full-day Intensive Training Institute seminars (ITI’s), Workshops, and special one-day events, including the CEO Forum and Christian Women in Leadership Forum. CCNL Participants can also register for the Academy classes which consists of  12.5-hours of in-depth study.

Ready. Set. Go!

Start by  enrolling in the CCNL program. Once you take that step, then you have two options:

This month you can register for the Fall CLA Online Academy and start your CCNL experience online. Registration closes September 2, 2014 so now is the time work with the CCNL coordinate and select your module.

If you prefer to start with The Outcome Conference in Dallas, TX – April 14 – 16, 2015, then be sure to  register before August 31, 2014 for the best savings.

Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader Program

Christian Credential Nonprofit Leader Program from Christian Leadership Alliance

This is how you invest your leadership development!




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