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Lessons for Leaders: Commitment

Christian Leadership Alliance

By Wayne Pederson

In a speaking engagement I was talking about building relationships: in marriage, in friendships, in work, in ministry.  Really, all good relationships are built on a PLEDGE:

P: Prioritize the relationship.  Give the other person top priority at the moment

L: Listen and learn. Listen more than you talk.

E: Engage. Put aside distractions and fully engage.

D: Demonstrate. Do things, say things that build connection and trust.

G: Give generously. Be generous with time, gifts, resources, even lunch!

E: Enjoy.  Have fun together.  Do fun things that build connection.

Jonathan and David committed to a strong bond of love and friendship with a verbal pledge to each other.  Strong relationships at any level require commitment and a pledge.


Wayne Pederson is the president of Reach Beyond and has provided leadership to some of the top media ministries in the country including Moody Radio, Northwestern Radio, National Religious Broadcasters and Mission America Coalition.

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