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Lock in a Strong Start to 2015 by Tami Heim

Christian Leadership Alliance

By  Tami Heim

Refreshment and renewal are common companions that usher in a new year. As a leader, you know well the routine of setting goals, expectations, and documenting the desired outcomes you are compelled to achieve. Reflecting and reconciling the past brings forth energy that fuels your plans for the future. Possibilities abound and you are more open than ever to the new ways you can pursue them.

Here at Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA), we’ve created a new leadership development experience that will enable Christian leaders, like you, to lock in a strong start to 2015.  CLA exists to equip and unite leaders to transform the world for Christ. Pursuing that kingdom outcome unites us, and it’s through our willingness to invest in others that God uses us to equip each other. That’s why we are passionate about our newest lifelong learning experience, The Outcome Mentoring Network.

Between now and January 15, 2015 there’s an extraordinary opportunity waiting for you. Register today and you can be part of CLA’s newest online platform. Relationship managers and a proven matching system are ready to connect you with a mentor who possesses the wisdom and experience you need to accelerate your goals and future impact.

Great men and women have always been able to point to the people that made a difference in their lives. It’s a gift to have someone come along side you and help you become all you were called to be. Some of the benefits  of being a mentee include:

  • access to someone independent, confidential and non-judgmental with the desire to listen to and help you
  • support with a wide range of skills and expertise in the eight areas: executive leadership, resource development, finance, tax & legal, board governance, marketing & communications, Internet & technology, and people management and care
  • the opportunity to have someone sort through your ideas and guide you through making important decisions
  • a voice that will challenge you so you gain confidence and sharper focus when you need it
  • someone to encourage you and give you assurance that you’re on the right path
  • a way to raise your self-awareness so you can work more effectively and efficiently within your organization
  • help in becoming better connected and gaining more access to helpful networks
  • the chance to learn from someone’s experience and ensure you don’t make those easily avoidable mistakes
  • greater productivity and competence
  • enhanced professional confidence
  • reduced job-related stress
  • better interpersonal relationships

My first experience being mentored was soon after college when I was running a million dollar sportswear department in a national retail chain. My mentor was the new store manager. For the next 15 years I followed in his footsteps. Through tumultuous changes in the industry, he led with integrity and invested time in me to develop my business acumen, to refine my leadership perspective, and to prepare me to take on more responsibility than I thought possible. He saw in me the potential I could never see in myself.

Since that time, there have many who have spoken into my life and continued to bring out God’s best in me. Nothing could replace the difference it made for me to have that trusted person I could turn to for wisdom, guidance, and candid feedback. Now, through The Outcomes Mentoring Network, you can find the mentor who has the knowledge and experience that’s just what you need.

I encourage you to seize the day and this extraordinary opportunity CLA has prepared for you.  Register HERE and be among the first cohort that launches this month. It’s a small investment that promises an incredible return!


 Tami Heim is the president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, which is an alliance of mission focused Christians who lead in today’s high-impact Christian nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions, and businesses.

The Outcomes Mentoring Network


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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