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Embrace Your Leadership Season


Christian Leadership Alliance

Have you ever thought of your leadership position as a season you’ve been called to for this exact time and place?

For some, you are at the beginning of your leadership journey and experiencing one of your first assignments. You are filled with anticipation and fully open to however God plans to lead. You are eager to learn, grow, and go.

For others you are at a place where you can reflect on the unfolding of your life. You can chart the significance of the assignments God has given you, each one important in its own right. You understand clearly how God used all of them to bring you to the place where you are serving today. He has equipped you beyond what you imagined possible and you give thanks often for His direction in your life. You remember well the men and women who have come into your life, bringing you just what you needed, when you needed it.

Christ-centered leaders look beyond their own season of leadership and take intentional responsibility for preparing the next generation of leaders. Jesus modeled a sacrificial passion for ensuring that His followers were equipped to carry on after His time on earth would come to an end. He lived His legacy in relationship with those He empowered by His words and examples. As we follow Christ, that includes following His leadership example of receiving and giving.

In January of this year, Christian Leadership Alliance launched the Outcomes Mentoring Network.  Each month the network is connecting mentors with mentees for six-month engagements.  We witness the transfer of wisdom and see how focused needs are being met.

Christian executives in nonprofit ministries, universities, churches, and businesses have gathered to create the CLA mentoring community. Like Jesus, they have a passion for the next generation of leaders.

CLA is set to activate the next mentor-mentee matches for March next week. All those interested in finding a mentor must register by Friday, March 13, 2015.

Anyone interested in joining the CLA mentor community can submit their information at any time.

CLA invites you to embrace your leadership season. You can pay forward from the wisdom you’ve gained by being a mentor, or advance your leadership skills by finding a mentor to guide you. To help you discern the next step, here are the frequently asked questions about this unique CLA learning experience.

 What is the Outcomes Mentoring Network?

The Outcomes Mentoring Network, powered by the technology of EVERWISE, is reinventing the mentoring experience by using data, technology and cross-organization mentors. CLA desires to connect Christian leaders and allow them to exchange insights and wisdom that advances leadership development.

How does it work?

Individuals complete a simple online assessment and participate in a quick phone interview to round out their profile.  Next they’re matched with their ideal mentor from the CLA network of carefully screened leaders. CLA also provides a dedicated relationship manager and useful tools to help participants (both mentor and mentee) get the most out of their experience. By focusing intensely on stated objectives, participants can quickly bring newfound knowledge and skills to bear in their work.

What are the benefits?

The qualitative and quantitative benefits of mentoring are broadly acknowledged and well documented. Research shows effective mentoring can significantly increase employee engagement, enhance productivity, reduce job-related stress and increase professional confidence. The end result is that you’ll deliver stronger results in your current role and be better prepared for future opportunities that arise.

Who are the CLA mentors?

CLA mentors represent a network of Christian professionals and ministry leaders from within the alliance.

How much does the Outcomes Mentoring Network cost?

Mentors give of their time to invest in other Christian leaders. As a result, Mentees receive six-months of mentoring which includes the assessment, goal setting and tracking, the full mentoring experience, ongoing learning missions, and personal support.

An experience like this commands a high price in the general marketplace, often thousands of dollars. At CLA, providing this network is part of our ministry to leaders, therefore mentees who are CLA members only pay $450.00 and non- members $650.00 for a six-month engagement. These fees cover the use of the platform and the time our relationship managers invest in overseeing the relationships.

CLA invites you to experience the difference mentoring will make in your leadership. Become part of The Outcomes Mentoring Network today!


The Outcomes Mentoring Network


What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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