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Our Offer to the Next Generation By Andrea Buczynski

Christian Leadershihp Alliance

By Andrea Buczynski

Every leader has something to offer the next generation.

Two different colleagues come to mind, neither of who would say they develop others.

One, a superior vision caster and networker, put his thoughts together on casting vision in a short video. He then created an example and challenged the audience to evaluate him on his own grid. It’s been the best little training video we’ve had. Everyone recognized his ability.

As he shared his own ways of thinking about casting vision, others were able to benefit. In addition, this leader made an offer to the rest of the global leadership team: “If you have people in your succession pool, I’d be glad to have them join me and introduce them to my network.” What an offer! That kind of generosity in any organization can help younger leaders gain exposure to more senior leaders.

A second colleague, who continuously denies being able to develop people, has great ability and experience in leading change. He sees things others do not see. He is willing to push through when the going gets tough.

Telling his “leadership story” has been a way for him to pass on what he has learned in leading complex organizational change. As people listen to his experience of trusting the Lord for next steps, they find that they too can develop that same courage in the challenges they are facing.

Both of these leaders found ways to pass on their wisdom and expertise.

Ask yourself and others:

  • What are my unique strengths?
  • What have I learned about the Lord, about leadership and ministry?
  • How can I pass them on?

In addition to finding your own best contribution to developing the next generation, consider the lessons of the group of leaders I mentioned here.Challenging assignments, feedback, accountability, and being believed in were all cited as factors in being developed.

Leader developers, like leaders, come in many style, not just one. Find yours. Be intentional. It’s our watch.

What you doing today to invest in the life of a young leader?


Andrea Buczynski has been a staff member with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCCI) for 34 years after coming to Christ as a college student. She currently serves as CCCI vice president for global leadership development. Excerpt from Outcomes Magazine, Spring 2011.





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