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The Steward Leader's Creed by Kent Wilson, PhD

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By Kent Wilson, PhD ~

We’ve talked a lot about the steward leader on the Christian Leadership Alliance, Higher Thinking blog, so I thought I’d attempt to synthesize the basic principles and beliefs of a biblical steward leader in the form of a Steward Leader’s Creed.

The Steward Leader’s Creed

As a steward leader…

  1. I am called by God to be a steward of His Kingdom and will.
  2. Who I am as a person and steward is more important than what I do as a leader.
  3. My relationship with God and others is foundational to leading well.
  4. I never conceive of myself as an owner of the resources placed in my trust but always as a servant and steward to the Owner.
  5. I am free to lead because I have relinquished my own will to follow God and those who have been placed in authority over me.
  6. I view all of the resources in my life and leadership as gifts from God and a divine trust.
  7. I work to grow the resources in my trust both in terms of their impact for the Kingdom as well as their effectiveness.
  8. My principle goal with those that I work with is to assist them in fully embracing their own identity as God’s stewards.
  9. I am responsible to give regular and accurate accounting of my stewardship.
  10. My greatest achievement is to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Kent Wilson (PhD) is a leadership coach and nonprofit leadership specialist. After running nonprofit organizations for 30 years, he now serves as an executive coach with Vistage International and program coordinator for CLA’s Leader2Leader peer advisory program. He is also co-founder of the Steward Leader Initiative, and frequently trains boards in steward-governance.

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