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The Inner Core of Leadership

Christian Leadership Alliance

There are times in life when it is wise to seek out another leader to help you strengthen the inner core of leadership that is taking shape in you.

In the book, Nonprofit Leadership in a For-Profit World, Melinda Delahoyde wrote about strengthening the inner core of leadership and then specifically identified essential leadership characteristics. She wrote:

“Several years ago I read an assessment of essential leadership characteristics. In this study of successful leaders, the question being addressed focused on the one character trait common to all effective leaders. There were many traits the leaders held in common – discipline, vision, and communication skills.

One in particular caught my attention. What all leaders possess, the one most important characteristic they all share is a deep core of inner strength. Somewhere inside of them is a reserve of courage, discipline, and fortitude that enables them to face the consistent, continual challenges and problems that are synonymous with leadership.

It is the core that matters most. Those inner reserves of character, integrity, and strength enable a leader to rise up in difficult times, to cast a vision for hope and transformation when catastrophe strikes, to call a team back to trust in the mercy and power of God as they navigate uncharted waters. For those leaders whose lives and callings are cIentered in Jesus Christ, the core is the place where God develops biblically based leadership – working from the inside out.”

Perhaps you are at point where you sense the need to strengthen the inner core of your leadership. Change and challenging days are ahead. The benefit of wise counsel from an experienced Christ-centered leader may be just what you need to help you stand strong and persevere.

Christian Leadership Alliance exists to equip and unite leaders and because of this commitment, the Outcomes Mentoring Network was created for you.

Available in six-month engagements, this leadership development experience is designed to uniquely help you become more of the leader God intended you to be. The matching process is highly reliable and mentoring relationships are launched every month. November matches are scheduled to activate the week of 11/16/2015.

Visit and take that next step to strengthen your inner core of leadership!

The Outcomes Mentoring Network


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