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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Ministry Rebrand by Shannon Litton

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By Shannon Litton ~

Did you know there  are 5 unexpected benefits of a ministry rebrand?

Perhaps you have gone through a ministry rebrand before. At the time, you knew the importance of getting the look and feel of your organization up to date to keep constituents happy and proud. On a deeper level, you yearned for some clarity and consistency on how to share your ministry story in an effective way.

But what did you not expect?

For nearly 20 years I’ve had the privilege of leading countless ministry rebrands with churches, nonprofit organizations and change makers like you. Months following the rollout, our partners circle back having experienced the full benefits of the work we did together. Here is what we hear most often –

My elevator speech is far less exhausting.

You know the feeling of being at a ministry conference or networking event and attempting to answer the layered question of what your ministry does. The clarity achieved in rebranding provides a succinct, clear and distinguishing statement (unlike a rambling monologue) of why you exist.

My leaders and staff are re-energized and proud to talk about our ministry again.

A rebrand reignites your internal team’s passion toward the future of your ministry. Rather than feeling bogged down by the challenges of the past, your staff is now happily singing from the same hymnbook about why you exist and that consistency is uniting and powerful.

People are coming back to our ministry who we haven’t seen or heard from in years.

Those donors, members, or partners that may have forgotten or dismissed you, are intrigued to experience the new rhythm of your ministry. A rebrand gives your organization the opportunity for a second chance to build meaningful relationships with these key audiences.

HR has been busy!

Your external audience includes ministry leaders on the job hunt exploring your organization for their next move. Don’t be surprised when candidates start knocking on your door to be a part of the exciting shifts both in and outside your four walls.

We’ve been reminded of why we wake up every day and do what we do.

When rebranding is done right, it is built around why you exist. So often we can get wrapped up in the challenges of the how, but the rebrand process pulls the ministry out of the weeds to focus on the big picture – which is what really fuels us forward.

Considering a rebrand for your ministry? Think beyond just the immediate need to all the benefits waiting for you and your team on the other side.


Shannon Litton is president of 5by5 Agency, a full-service marketing and digital agency headquartered in Brentwood, TN. 5by5 serves change makers, those who work where life change happens. Their strategic services include communications plans, websites, mobile apps, ad campaigns, and fundraising initiatives, delivering messages with undeniable clarity, reach, and results.

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