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Membership Matters

Christian Leadership Alliance

Membership Matters: Five reasons why membership is right for you!

Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) has a rich history, and many dynamic leaders have invested in this organization through the years. The name has changed several times, but the dedication to providing Christian leaders with the best in leadership training and resources has always been at the forefront of all CLA does.

The founders identified a true felt-need for professional growth and practical understanding of business fundamentals. Ensuring all best practices were based on a biblical worldview, they were compelled to share what they knew with those who had not yet learned it. They desired to strengthen the Christian leaders and the organizations they served, all for the ultimate goal of advancing the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

That is still the DNA of CLA today and here are the five reasons your membership to this Alliance matters!

1. CLA connects leaders to think higher for greater kingdom gain.

CLA is an alliance of more than 6,000 mission-focused Christians who lead in today’s high-impact Christian nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions, and businesses. When CLA leaders come together, inspiration ignites excellence and the rapid advancement of kingdom work.

2. CLA creates experiences that promote best practices and collaboration.

CLA moves beyond training on solid Christian management to empower Christian leadership that’s catalytic in its transformation of people, their organizations, and ultimately, the world. CLA learning experiences exist because Christian leaders are willing to share and invest in each other.

3. CLA designs experiences that lead to ministry excellence.

Using a wide range of platforms and venues to transfer knowledge, CLA is committed to leadership training that is based on Biblical principle and practical in application.

CLA believes Christ-centered stewardship of these eight-core areas are vital to sustaining a flourishing ministry:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Resource Development
  • People Management and Care
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Internet and Technology
  • Tax & Legal
  • Board Governance

4. CLA empowers you to be faithful in your call to lead.

As Christ-centered leaders, we have much to learn from the leadership practices of Jesus. CLA’s experiences and resources point to Christ’s leadership example and his teachings on how to be a faithful steward.

5. CLA membership unlocks access to life changing events and resources.

Being a CLA member gives you significant discounts on all events and experiences. You gain access to member-only premium content, immediately receive complimentary subscriptions to Outcomes magazine and Christianity Today and can subscribe to the numerous free resources and experiences CLA offers.


Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) is a world-changing alliance of global leaders and organizations. Belonging to CLA offers you access to a wide range of lifelong learning and leadership training events and resources. If you are not already a member – join CLA and prepare to take full advantage of the countless opportunities for you to receive, give, and grow.



What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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