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Agent of Redemption By Dr. Albert Reyes

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What is an Agent of Redemption?

By Dr. Albert Reyes ~

An agent of redemption is a person that has experience the redeeming love of the good news of Jesus of Nazareth. He or she has been forgiven and is indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

An agent of redemption has first experienced his or her own spiritual transform from a life of bondage to and guilt from, sin to the place of repentance, forgiveness, grace, and freedom.

An agent of redemption is first and foremost a follower of Jesus, a disciple of Jesus, one whose heart intends to serve Jesus as master every day in an effort to bring glory, to shed like on Jesus the King through action, words attitudes, vocation, recreations and relationship.

Follow me as I explore the concept further.

The word, “agent” has its origins in Greek, meaning “ To drive, to lead.” And agent is “something that produces or is capable of producing an effect; an active or efficient cause.” A further discussion is “one who acts for or in the place of another by authority from him.” The word has been used in governments for representative or emissary.

Now take all those aspects of the definition and put hem into the context of scripture and the Christian’s life and responsibility.

We are agents of redemption – God’s agents of his redemption. And we act upon his authority and as his representatives.

An Agent of Redemption…

  • Has a personal calling to actively engage with people in his or her circle of influence to demonstrate a transformed life and to work, pray, and focus on the redemptive potential in everyone around them.
  • Looks for ways God would want to turn what was meant for harm into good.
  • Knows that the gospel that came to them must go through them to others.
  • Is on a mission to pray, work, and hope for the kingdom to come near in this life.
  • Looks at family, neighborhood, community, city and country in the state and nation, and is in the world to ask what is it about this place that could look more like the Kingdome of God.
  • Sees the world from a unique set of lenses, a Jesus-shaped worldview.
  • Sees this life as temporary, this place is not his or her permanent home, living in view of eternity and the life to come.
  • Thinks differently from other people and does not conform to the pattern of this world.
  • Thinks like Jesus because he or she “the mind of Christ” and sees the world through the mind and eyes of Jesus.

Only Jesus does the work of redemption, yet we are his hands and feet.


Dr. Albert Reyes is the president and CEO of Buckner International. Today’s post is an excerpt from his recent book, The Jesus Agenda: Becoming an Agent of Redemption (2015 Believer’s Press)

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